ASH | LAW is an Award-Winning Worker’s Comp Lawyer in Tulsa, OK

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Worker's Comp Lawyer Tulsa

ASH | LAW is an award-winning law firm that focuses on representing clients who have been injured in the workplace and require compensation for their medical care, loss of income, or temporary/permanent disability. The law firm is run by M. Scott Ash, a qualified and experienced attorney passionate about resolving the legal issues of his clients in/out of court. 

Tulsa, OK – The application procedure for worker’s compensation in Oklahoma is tedious and time-consuming, especially if the injured victim isn’t knowledgeable about the law. To maintain their legal claims, they need an attorney such as ASH | LAW, an award-winning Tulsa worker’s comp attorney committed to assisting injured workers in navigating the complexities of worker’s compensation law. 

ASH | LAW was founded by M. Scott Ash, a qualified and passionate attorney licensed to practice in Oklahoma. He has more than 30years of experience representing the injured, earning him many satisfied clients. Since Mr. Ash has taken several disputed worker’s compensation cases to trial, he’s knowledgeable about the tricks used against the injured and the tactics insurance companies use to downplay or disregard injuries. 

Injured workers struggle with the road to recovery while also fighting insurance companies and large corporations. With the workers compensation attorney Tulsa Oklahoma, they can focus on healing and recovering while Mr. Ash actively pursues their claims. ASH | LAW represents clients who have been injured due to defective machines, negligent employers, occupational diseases, toxic chemical exposure, broken bones, temporary/permanent disability, and other occupational injuries. 

ASH | LAW fights for their rights to medical care, missed income, and replacement of lost income, often referred to as total temporary disability replacement. With the knowledge that some injuries result in total disability, Mr. Ash fights for long-term disability compensation. The worker’s comp lawyer in Tulsa represents families of the injured who may be eligible for death benefits and workers who need job retaining/employment placement after they have suffered a work-related injury. 

With the knowledge that each worker’s comp case has different tenets, Mr. Ash takes the time to conduct extensive consultations to determine the extent of a client’s injuries. With this information, he creates a custom action plan for representation in/out of court. This approach has earned ASH | LAW many 5-star reviews, positive testimonials, and awards. 

Besides being a worker’s comp firm, ASH | LAW represents clients who have been denied disability insurance benefits and those who need help getting their supplemental security income benefits. As a social security disability attorney, Mr. Ash schedules clients with independent medical evaluation and healthcare providers to obtain additional documentation that proves a case. They also modify/submit claims, help in the preparation of a disability hearing, and appeal the administrative law judge’s decision if necessary. 

To speak with a tulsa workers comp lawyers or book a consultation, call (918) 599-0001. ASH | LAW is located at 110 West Seventh Street | Suite 110, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74119, US. For any inquiries about the services they offer, visit the firm’s website.